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All About Homogenous PVC Flooring

There is no lack of flooring options when we consider it for any commercial project. The only concern that put many business owners in a bi confusion and concern is, how well each flooring solution can endure high foot traffic, or how long it can stay durable

If I talk about the homogeneous PVC flooring roll, then it is one of the most popular types of Vinyl flooring composed of multiple layers with the same material composition, and the same color, pattern throughout the product thickness

The PVC flooring is normally available in strip format (roll), so it is also known as the Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring with directional, semi-directional, non-directional pattern color and design

it’s a type of flooring that performs very well in business settings especially with high traffic areas. This flooring material enables quick cleaning as the surface coat of polyurethane can strongly resist all dirt and spills.

With its cutting-edge technology, design, and performance; the homogeneous flooring can benefit from a unique surface graining for optimal performance and excellent resistance against stains and scratches.

Do you know what basic grounds dos the homogenous PVC flooring is widely admired and used in the flooring world? Here come those basic parameters;

Quality & Technology

  • Since homogenous PVC flooring is only made with virgin phthalate-free materials. So it doesn’t need to be recycled with any mixed material
  • It provides optimal product quality
  • Homogenous flooring is made with an efficient manufacturing process using renewable energy

Performance & Protection

  • The homogenous vinyl flooring is easy to install and retain
  • It contains an increased resistance to high traffic and scratches because of its unique treatment
  • This robust flooring material is also resistant to extreme stresses

Designs & Colors

The homogenous PVC flooring has plenty of designs with many bright and intense colors that have a high reflective value

Okay, the price and service ratio would be highly considered if you buy them from any reputable flooring suppliers. Hence, the price ratio and services might include;

Services & Price Ratio

  • Lucrative factory-selling prices for international customers
  • You can avail the perk of product installation along with maintenance technical support
  • The leading floor suppliers facilitate their clients/customers with one-stop professional and timely service from production, inquiry, and delivery