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All you to know about maple vinyl flooring

Maple hardwood vinyl flooring is a favorite in many homes because of its light color, hardness, and delicate grain pattern. Maple design vinyl flooring is a perfect fit for modern or contemporary styled homes or for just about any space. This flooring can benefit from a clean, consistent surface that brings a natural look indoors.

Today’s hardwood flooring trends 2021 show brownish to darker stained products. It sells pretty well in northern states, reds, browns in the prairie states (Texas, Oklahoma, and many others), and mountain regions. The popularity of greige and beige browns is seeing good demand along with shore areas or warmer regions, including Southern California, Florida, and Arizona.

Maple Hardwood vinyl Floor Installation

All solid and planned wood floors must be acclimated to the intended installation space for around 48 to 72 hours, especially maple. Maple flooring gets affected by humidity more than almost any other wood species. It means that a thorough acclimation plan, with the wood unboxed and stacked allow for airflow, is critical to the flooring health.


Consider buying reclaimed maple design vinyl flooring. Long-standing gyms and bowling alleys are often suitable for reclaimed maple vinyl flooring.

It is difficult to sand well due to the maple’s hardness and close grain. Sanding maple vinyl flooring is a project by itself rather than an adjunct to installation, and professionals should do it. You can keep the sander on its lowest setting for new flooring. Any wayward movement in the drum or dithering sander (like chattering or shaking) can immediately transfer to the maple. It is imperfections, and you need it to sand out.

When staining maple vinyl flooring on-site, it can be challenging to achieve a uniform color. So, experts generally recommend that maple be left natural and clear-coated. Some factory-stained maple floors have fairly consistent colors, but most are genuine and unstained.

Maple vinyl vs. Ash Flooring

Modern ash flooring is the closest to maple vinyl flooring in terms of looks. Like maple flooring, it is light-colored and clear. However, ash flooring looks good whether it is left natural and clear-coated or stained and coated. While ash flooring is solid and durable wood, it is still not as hard and dense as maple. Moreover, ash flooring is not as easy to find as maple, so that you may have fewer choices with this type of flooring.

Maple vinyl vs. White Oak Flooring

White oak material is slightly comparable to maple, though it has a more distinct grain, and it takes stain well. White and red oak flooring is dominant and easy to find at most floor vendors. White oak flooring is softer than maple, but scratches are more accessible to hide with oak than with maple.

More Reliable With Wide Plank Floors

It took many years for builders, designers, and hardwood professionals to accept the engineered hardwoods, mainly the plywood over floor support systems. The old-style method had always been solid hardwoods when 2 ┬╝” strip flooring was the mainstay in built-up construction. Strip floors do not show problems as much as broader plank floors because of seasonal movement about humidity levels.