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Can You Install Vinyl Flooring Over Old Tile?

Vinyl flooring is increasingly famous as an affordable floor option for homes across the country and out there. Moreover, to be reasonable, it is durable and comes in a wide variety of styles. For instance, you can select between vinyl squares that mimic the look of natural stone or any other materials. Or you can choose planks that are a great substitute for hardwood flooring. Deciding to install vinyl flooring like rigid vinyl flooring tile is understandably easy to do for all these reasons. However, your project’s total rate and timeline directly relate to how much attention you want to place on the old tile floor. The great news is that you can install modern vinyl flooring over tile. You can install the floor over most types of hard floor things. However, there are some things that you want to be aware of before you get started on the project.

The Advantages Of Installing Stylish Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Tile

Through the vinyl tile installation process, you can affix the tile firmly to the base floor. Due to this, removing the tile is a labor-intensive, messy and exhausting project. Moreover, some people can scrape the tile and fill it away inch by inch. Others can use power tools to clear away the bulk of the wreckage, but the manual effort may still be necessary. The surface is perfectly smooth before you can install vinyl flooring on a subfloor. Rigid vinyl flooring tile is an excellent option to install over other tiles. Unfortunately, removing the installed tile and grout often generates bumps and divots that can ultimately impact the quality of the vinyl flooring installation project. If you try to remove the old tile, you can create more work than you initially planned on your floor.

On the other hand, when you install modern vinyl flooring over tile, you can prepare the surface before laying the new floor. You do not typically want to install an underlayment material between the old tile and the new vinyl covering.

Important Installation Tips

You have to scrutinize the tile floor before you go through the time and effort of installing vinyl flooring over the tile floor. Thicker vinyl planks will generally buffer some deficiencies. However, if you face large cracks, gaps, or other types of issues that affect the smoothness of the floor, you have to make repairs to the tile surface first. An easy method to smooth over minor blemishes and failures is with mortar or smooth liquid cement. You may also want to fill in deep crevices between the tiles if the filling line is deep. On the other side, if you feel the damage over the tile floor severely, you may want to go by the effort of removing the flooring tiles and grout. While you can keep the tile floor in place, you will still want to follow other essential steps in the flooring covering installation process. For example, you will want to remove the baseboards, plumbing fixtures, and other features before installing the vinyl floor.