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Difference Between Linoleum And Vinyl Floors

Linoleum is ready from natural products and wants more maintenance but is more environmentally friendly than vinyl flooring. Linoleum floorings are available in a wide variety of colors. The commercial vinyl flooring sheet is PVC-based, lasts longer, and is easier to install and maintain. Vinyl and linoleum floors are both resilient types of flooring in that they have a degree of elasticity.


Linoleum is ready from renewable materials. The manufacturer made it in the mid-1800s when an Englishman noticed a rubbery skin of hardened linseed oil in a can of paint. Moreover, to linseed oil, linoleum contains pine rosin, mineral fillers, wood flour, ground cork dust and has a canvas or burlap backing. Dyes and pigments are supplementary to create the color schemes. Linoleum material is sold in sheets and tiles.

Linoleum flooring is challenging to install in several cases. In contrast, vinyl flooring, which you can buy in pre-cut squares with adhesive already on the flooring tiles, can install it relatively quickly.


Vinyl flooring is ready from sheets of vinyl, a synthetic product derived from petroleum and many other chemicals, fiberglass, felt, and dyes. You can make it in a wide variety of finishes. Vinyl flooring sheet comes in large rolls, but vinyl is available in squares and planks to look like tiles or hardwood.

Advantages And Disadvantages:


Linoleum flooring used to be the choice only in commercial spaces such as hospitals and schools but is experiencing a renaissance as a green alternative to vinyl flooring. It is non-allergenic and has inherent antibacterial qualities (therefore its popularity in hospitals). The flooring is very resistant to scratching and wear, and you can dye it all the way through, not just on top. It is also decomposable and biodegradable. Its lifespan is three times that of the vinyl floor.

Vinyl flooring sheet is waterproof, less expensive, and easier to install. Installation is a weekend DIY project. The commercial vinyl flooring sheet is also less sensitive to different cleaning agents. As it is a synthetic product, it is available in various finishes and styles. Vinyl also permits the installation of padding underneath the flooring, yielding and pliant, which helps protect the room.


Linoleum flooring is pretty tricky to install correctly. As it is not waterproof, a poor installation can cause moisture penetration damaging the material and sub-floor; thus, professional installation is generally compulsory. Linoleum flooring is also more sensitive to cleaning agents and is hurt by using the wrong type.

The longevity of commercial vinyl flooring is mainly dependent on the protective coating. When worn through, there is little recourse but to substitute the worn flooring. As a synthetic flooring material, vinyl flooring consumes more energy and results in toxic consequences, and emits small amounts of volatile organic chemicals, primarily after installation. Vinyl flooring is not biodegradable and is very difficult to recycle. Before going to any flooring supplier and deciding, you have to read and know your flooring and its usage.