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Difference Between VCT And LVT- Read To Know

What do you know about vinyl composition tile?

Vinyl composition tile is a mixture of natural limestone, a thermoplastic binder, filler materials, and color pigments. VCT wants layers of polish to protect the porous surface ready by fusing chips into solid flooring sheets and cutting them into surface tiles. Because of this reason, VCT is not a low-maintenance flooring product, like homogeneous PVC flooring roll. It wants regular stripping, buffing, and polishing, though LVT and sheet flooring vinyl can get routine sweeping and wiping.

High maintenance prices can cause the lifetime price of a VCT flooring installation to exceed that of vinyl flooring and LVT. While VCT flooring comes in various colors and patterns, it does not meet the same level of surface and design versatility available in LVT flooring tiles and or vinyl sheets.

Until LVT flooring came along, vinyl composition tile was the standard for high-traffic viable areas. While people do not use it as much today as around ten years ago, you can still find VCT used in several healthcare centers and educational applications because of its durability and low upfront prices. When upfront material prices are a primary concern, VCT flooring is a functional and durable commercial flooring choice worth considering.

What do you know about luxury vinyl tile?

LVT is ready for a predominately limestone-based flooring material mixed with composites. On the complex material sits a followed digital graphic film, which manufacturers create in nearly any look, sealed beneath an external wear layer.

While LVT  flooring is the most expensive of the three initially, its lifetime prices tend to be lower because of the superior durability and minimal maintenance necessities. Because of the versatility of its graphic layer, LVT delivers exceptional design abilities to VCT.

In the past few years, manufacturers have released an impressive spread of modern LVT products. Materials are now accessible in new sizes and shapes, like hexagons and planks, making stylish and innovative designs possible. You can also have various modern designs, textures, and colors in the homogeneous PVC flooring roll and heterogeneous PVC flooring sheet. Moreover, digital graphic film layers have enhanced the point that several are indistinguishable from natural materials, like premium stone flooring finishes and rich wood floors.

However, the quality of new LVT flooring composites and wear layers has prepared the material durable enough to withstand some heavy-duty settings, often substituting traditional materials like ceramic, marble, and wood. As LVT has the best lifetime value and most excellent design versatility, experts recommend it over other commercial vinyl flooring options.


Sheet vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable flooring materials you can purchase. It is relatively easy to produce as it comes in large rolls rather than individual planks and tiles. Several homeowners select the material as it’s a budget-friendly substitute to natural hardwoods or ceramic flooring tile. Floor Factors has vinyl flooring remnants leftover from larger flooring projects — sometimes sufficient to cover an entire room or a small home. You can buy flooring remnants from us at a considerably discounted rate.