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3 Basic Factors To Consider When Selecting Flooring

Just like architects start scratching their head when a client comes to them and ask for best interior decoration to give it elegant, classy, and worth money spending; similarly a good flooring is also something that needs some attention and concern, after all the surface you walk over, has to give you a certain feeling depending at which place you’re standing, what is the standard of that place

Anyways, it always helps to be prepared and wise before making a big purchase decision, especially for something you’ll be looking at and walking on for a long time. Let’s suppose you’re going to construct a new house or any commercial infrastructure, so either you prefer maple design vinyl flooring, or any other trendy flooring option, three factors must be considered, especially if you go for hardwood floor;

Basic Factors That Must Be Considered For Well-Constructed Floors

Those basic things are;

  • Color
  • Species of wood prefinished, or unfinished wood
  • Budget


Look, flooring means different things to different people, some think of hardwood floor, and imagine it as honey color maple flooring, while others see it as rich red color cherry wood or dark mahogany. You can save a big-time, as it just takes you to choose your wood flooring just by deciding an upfront, whether you need a lighter shade or darker shade of wood

Take a look at room coloring or rooms where you want to place the wood flooring and try to imagine what type of floor would look best with the furnishing and décor. Never forget that replacing furnishing is far easier than replacing the wood floor, so make a decision that you’ll be comfortable with for many years.

Once you get an idea which accurate shade you want, like a lighter or darker shade of maple floor then stop by your local flooring store to see samples, or learn individual properties of different wood species

Species of Unfinished or Prefinished Wood

Another main thing you need to consider is, determine whether you want to purchase unfinished or pre-finished wood flooring for your home. The pre-finished wood is more popular of a choice due to its ease of installation.

The prefinished wood on other hand is expertly sanded screened stained and coated at the factory, it is then shipped to your home where it can usually be installed by a professional installer in less than a day. However, some homeowners prefer unfinished hardwood flooring.

In this case, the installation process is much longer, and more cumbersome because the wood must be finished on-site at your home, this involves a lot of chemicals in your home, as well as more time and effort on the part of installers.


Your budget will decide what flooring you can afford! Not a line, but an epic truth. For many homeowners, budget is a very important consideration, the price of wood can vary significantly depending on species width, length of planks and either wood is unfinished or prefinished; prices usually range from 3 to 7 $ per square foot

The difference can add up over space of a large room or multiple rooms, it will anyhow save you time in your decision.