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Is Commercial Vinyl Flooring Good Or Bad?

Vinyl is the most popular option in commercial flooring mainly for its low-maintenance, cost-effective water-resistant, and long-lasting properties. When you walk over vinyl flooring, it springs a bit for a comfortable feel underfoot, this ensures a complete balance of firmness. The credit also goes to some technological advances, due to which vinyl flooring is now available to us in immense variety with appealing and quality finishes.

Either you consider the vinyl flooring option for commercial or residential projects, there are some pros and cons which you ought to consider, this will certainly help you make a better decision.

PRO: Vinyl Floors are Easy to Install

The recent developments in the vinyl flooring industry have made it quite DIY friendly. Since vinyl used to be only available in bulky, unwieldy sheets, the same tiles and planks today have become much easier to install due to flexibility and variety in sizes, so they don’t need any hammering or sawing

Many luxury brands today also provides “self-adhesive” vinyl. You just need to remove the backing and press it into place on a properly prepared subfloor.

Take a look at the quick steps of installing vinyl flooring;

  • Level and smooth the underlayment (the layer the vinyl will hold fast to)
  • If you have to tend to any boards to accommodate your space, do as such with a utility blade
  • Remove the support and start laying the boards, guaranteeing a tight crease between boards for the best outcomes
  • Use a hand roller to reinforce the glue bond once each board is laid

CON: Very Tough to Remove

Once vinyl’s gum backing gets harden on floorboards, it becomes quite difficult to remove. However, it isn’t rocket science to remove vinyl flooring, but yes you will need some professional tools and techniques; it all takes the effort of elbow grease.

Here is the way how can you remove vinyl flooring with certain tools and techniques;

  • Start cutting vinyl into 12-inch strips, with a sharp blade. Then start pulling up the deck
  • If the deck opposes, utilize a scrubber device or sled and etch to work on solidified paste
  • Clear the room of furniture and eliminate baseboards and trim if conceivable
  • To remove all residual paste from the wood planks, blend a solution of one tablespoon of fluid dish cleanser in one gallon of water, and apply to stick. Give it half an hour to melt, once it gets soft, then go with a scrubber

Tip: You can also apply direct heat using a hairdryer to stubborn spots, at least until a time till it starts melting

PRO: Vinyl Floors are Affordable

The commercial vinyl flooring sheet is quite reasonable, it hardly cost around $2 and $5 per square foot, including installation. From restaurants to shopping malls and other outlets, the vinyl flooring is popular for its smoothness and low price option

CON: But it can of Inconsistent Quality

Though commercial vinyl flooring is reasonable, it cannot guarantee the quality. In other words, we can say it implements the higher the price, the high-quality rule. On a general note, this rule is almost seen in many reputable brands as well such as; Armstrong, Lumber Liquidators, Shaw, Mannington, and Karndean. I will suggest emphasizing on thickness and construction in order to determine the quality

Why? Because Vinyl flooring has a remarkable thickness which ranges from 2 mm to 8+ mm. The thinner vinyl is prone to damage and is prone to dent (usually from furniture legs). Whereas the greater thickness provides greater cushioning and stability, this makes it ideal for high traffic areas including hallways, and commercial projects

PRO: Vinyl Floors Can be Beautiful & Unique

The notifying perk of vinyl flooring for commercial projects is, it comes in striking, and appealing textures, and patterns among its compatible wood-like finishes, and hand-scraped versions.

You can discover a variety of stone and marble effects as well as “groutable” vinyl tiles which are laid and grouted likewise their ceramic counterparts.

CON: Poor Quality Vinyl Floors Are Expected to Made of Asbestos

Not a typical con, but can be discussed as the fact that vinyl floors made in previous eras were used to made with asbestos, or the one with poor quality are often expected to made with this material.

If it found, then professional assistance will be required to remove this toxic flooring.