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Learn Major Differences Between Heterogeneous & Homogenous Flooring

The homogenous and heterogeneous flooring can be taken as sister flooring to each other. Both come in a phase of species linked with reaction media. Let’s take an example of a chemical reaction in water, we get a precipitate (a solid) this precipitate can be said a heterogeneous species since it is a different phase from the reaction media of liquid solution.

Coming to homogenous flooring, so comparing to combustion reaction with hydrogen and oxygen both gases react to form steam, this intermixing of species oxygen, hydrogen, and water can be marked as homogenous species

In flooring language, the heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering can be defined as the type of flooring which is made with multiple layers such as; a printed layer for an endless design possibility. It comes in both sheet and tile format.

The best thing about heterogeneous vinyl covering is, it provides amazing innovative solutions for residential and commercial use, and especially provides, high durability for large traffic applications in schools and hospitals.

Homogenous Flooring

On other hand, the homogenous flooring can combine with different requirements of slip resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-wheel pressure, waterproof, fireproof and anti-bacterial, etc. It further comprises of special PUR protect and has more life than LVT PVC flooring.

Apart from these advantages, homogeneous is also eco-friendly and people-oriented. Therefore, homogeneous PVC flooring roll is quite trendy, convenient, and have a prolonged existence than LVT PVT flooring.

Some other advantages of homogeneous flooring are;

  • Tightly compacted surface for improved wear and easy to maintain
  • PUR surface treatment: excellent cleaning characteristics
  • Suitable for commercial or large traffic areas
  • Anti-bacterial and fungicidal
  • No wax for life

The heterogeneous vinyl flooring can also be applied to enormous scenes, for example, huge plants or shopping centers. It is likewise naturally amicable, its own lighter attributes, yet additionally, fire, water, dampness, erosion, worming, and is likewise advantageous when cleaning. It likewise has perhaps the greatest bit of leeway, that is, it tends to be reused, because it is made of PVC material, and PVC material can be reused.