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Let’s read about homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl flooring

The Definition And Structure:

As homogeneous means single, from a structural viewpoint, homogeneous vinyl flooring is single-layer structure flooring. The homogeneous VINYL flooring roll has the same quality material from the floor’s surface to its depth. This vinyl flooring delivers vibrancy and color depth.

The heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering has multiple layers. A unique process involves manufacturing this vinyl flooring as it has five different layers from topmost to bottom. The wear resistance of heterogeneous flooring is mainly in the wear-resistant layer. It is a multi-layer vinyl flooring wear resistance judged by the width of the wear layer. For the ideal long service life, 0.7 mm heterogeneous vinyl flooring is perfect.

Design And Color:

A homogeneous vinyl sheet is made up of PVC materials of numerous colors by a special process. It has only two types of flooring patterns: directional floral patterns and non-directional patterns.

However, the heterogeneous vinyl sheet is a multi-layered structure; the printed layer provides various colors. The printing layer of the heterogeneous flooring changes the colors and patterns of the flooring. The variety of vinyl flooring colors include wood grain, stone grains, carpet grain, and many other designs.

The heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering color is an elementary principle of the printing layer. The cost of a homogenous vinyl production line is comparatively five times more than the heterogeneous PVC flooring production line.


The heterogeneous vinyl coverings have more colors and design options as compare to homogeneous vinyl coverings as it is comparatively single. The homogeneous vinyl floor products are the high-end products in vinyl flooring. The entire creation of the homogenous flooring process strictly controls the color consistency and color difference. The pattern formation instrument, if homogeneous, is more complex, and its production process is complicated.

The products of homogeneous vinyl sheet are the high-end products in VINYL flooring. The design and color are different. Generally speaking, the cost of a homogeneous production line is more than that of a heterogeneous line. So the technology is very different. In contrast, the color of the heterogeneous sheet is a straightforward printing layer principle.

Sound absorption:

Since the heterogeneous vinyl floor has a foam layer, its sound absorption effect is better than the homogeneous vinyl flooring. Particular areas in the hospital, like the children’s care center and ICU, has heterogeneous vinyl sheets.

Fire resistance performance:

Homogeneous vinyl covering stone powder content is higher. Therefore, the fire resistance is better than the heterogeneous vinyl floor, and its indentation resistance is also reasonably good.

The repair performance of scratches:

The homogeneous floor is a single-layer structure; the color is similar. This feature creates it has a refurbishing function. You may notice slight scratches by a grinder, polished and revamped, and re-waxed as new, with extended service life. But the heterogeneous flooring cannot.


Because of its better wear resistance and fireproof, you can use homogeneous vinyl flooring under foot traffic, like in industrial locations. It includes hospitals, educational institutions, health care systems, etc. However, you can use the heterogeneous vinyl floor for home improvement because of the rich color options.