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Maple Flooring Vs. Oak Flooring – What To Select?

In the war between two famous floorings, maple flooring, and oak flooring, there is no perfect difference and winner. As both have their advantages and disadvantages, so making the decision is not an easy task. Maple design vinyl flooring is light blond and has a delicate grain pattern. On the other hand, oak flooring is more traditional flooring. Moreover, it is considered the oldest material due to its warm tones, prominent and rich patterning.

Maple flooring:

Maple flooring is an ideal choice for people who prefer a modern and clean flooring look. It has a smooth modern texture that is combined with a light wooden color. Due to its natural finish and light smooth surface, maple flooring is perfectly suited for contemporary spaces. The subtle grain designs of maple wood flooring make the best option for open, large spaces that require consistency. Comparatively, maple is harder than oaks flooring. Moreover, it is not much stable as oaks flooring. There are different types and grades of maple flooring.

There are several benefits of selecting maple flooring

Consistent grain:

It has a subtle grain pattern which is a little imperfect for a cleaner look.


It is one of the hardest domestic wood floorings. This hardwood is incredibly dent-resistant and durable.


There are wide availability and varieties of maple flooring grades. That’s why this flooring is one of the more affordable modern flooring options.


Another advantage of maple flooring is the ease of maintenance. The frequency of cleaning of flooring depends on its usage. Generally, it requires to maintain maple flooring is just weekly mopping.

Oak flooring:

Oak is known as the king of the hardwood flooring. The oak flooring is extremely durable and it gets better with time. It brings prestigious and sophisticated flooring to space. There are several benefits of oak flooring which makes it the king of the flooring, such as its availability and budget-friendly. It comes in various natural shades, from specific white to natural and very dark wooden color. Another oak floorings attractive feature is its stability and attractive grain patterns. This wooden flooring performs perfectly in the summer humidity and also ideal for winter dryness with the least maintenance.

The benefits of oak hardwood flooring include:

Easy to stain:

The slightly porous oak nature makes it receptive to staining. It provides more flexibility and design options.


It is an exceptionally strong wooden flooring that is resistant to scratches and dings. The white variety of oak flooring is impervious to insects and fungi and it’s all varieties are resistant to splitting.


Rich, warm tones and exclusively patterned wood grains add charm and character to the oak flooring.

Why opt for maple flooring?

There are two important reasons to select maple flooring instead of oak flooring, which makes maple hardwood floors differ from the oak hardwood floor. Maple flooring is comparatively much denser than oak flooring. The density provides a slight edge to maple against wear and tear. Maple hardwood flooring also differs from oak hardwood flooring as its grain is lesser dramatic in color and size. You can use maple in large space because of its calmer patterns.