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List Of Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

If you are planning to give a new modern look to your place, then there is nothing better than vinyl sheet flooring. The vinyl sheet flooring is incredibly versatile and durable. From the hospital use PVC flooring to the commercial use PVC flooring, vinyl sheet flooring is famous because of a wide range of styles, textures, and colors, and ease in maintenance. Let’s read about the pros and cons of vinyl sheet flooring for better understanding:

Vinyl sheet flooring pros:


The vinyl sheet flooring is smoother underfoot than other types of flooring. The softness of the flooring makes it easier to stand for long periods. This flooring option is warmer and softer to touch as compared to other flooring surfaces such as stone tile and ceramic. If your priority is comfort with modern flooring, then look for the vinyl sheet flooring option as it has additional cushioning layers and a great range of designs and textures.


Either you opt for printed vinyl sheets or printed vinyl tiles, the clear wear layer of vinyl flooring acts like a surface barrier that protects the floor from spills and stains. The vinyl flooring materials are easy to install, clean, and maintain. On the other hand, the composite and solid vinyl tiles do not offer surface protection that is more vulnerable to stains. It requires occasional polishing and stripping.


The vinyl flooring is extremely durable if it is correctly installed and properly maintained. It can last more than ten to twenty years when you care in the right way. This benefit makes the vinyl flooring great for high traffic areas.

Vinyl sheet flooring cons:


Even the floor protective layer protects from stains, the flooring is still susceptible to discoloration. The discoloration occurs when it contracts with rubber. Moreover, when you buy vinyl flooring of low-quality, over time it becomes yellow. The discoloration of flooring also takes place when the sunlight directly hits.

Subfloor damage:

While installing vinyl flooring, it is very important to have a smooth, flat surface to work. Even small grains can trap beneath the floor as the vinyl flooring is very soft. It can wear down over time, it also causes lumps to surface.

Difficult to repair:

If the vinyl flooring is damaged severely with gouge, stain, or scratch, then the only option is to replace the entire vinyl floor. Another option is removing the damaged area of the flooring and replace the affected part with a new patch. It is very difficult to get and install the same patterned flooring.