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Reasons Why Vinyl Plank Is Better Flooring Than Ceramic Tile

Customers who love the hardwoods but not the hassle now have various options for imitating hardwood in their house. The best on the current market are: vinyl plank covering and wood-look tile flooring, but which is best for you? Both floorings mimic the classic beauty of hardwoods when sitting on the house improvement store shelf, but how do they pile up when put into action?

Vinyl flooring and wood-look tile flooring each offer benefits for customers, but they have their drawbacks also. From the flooring appearance to durability, you can take a look at the pros and cons of each flooring, helping you make the most well-versed purchasing decision.

Vinyl plank coverings are taking over the modern flooring industry and for a good reason! As technology develops, it does the way the flooring you install in your homes. Vinyl provides homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering types. If you look at the pros and cons of both flooring options, here are some reasons why vinyl plank is a better flooring option than ceramic tile:


Vinyl flooring plank is more budget-friendly than ceramic tile flooring. Depending on the tile type you are selecting, ceramics can cost you much as hardwood or high-quality floor carpet. Materials apart, it costs 40% less to install vinyl flooring plank than it does to install ceramic tile flooring.

Faster and easier:

Installing ceramic flooring tile is labor-intensive and takes lots of time, so you can most likely need a professional if you have it installed properly. Vinyl plank flooring is DIY-friendly and 60% quicker to install than ceramic covering. Plus, you install them directly on top of your existing hard surface floor.


Both vinyl flooring plank and ceramic tile are famous for being durable flooring choices. However, ceramic tiles can chip and crack over time. It is more prone to damage than the vinyl plank. Vinyl plank covering is also a better flooring option if you have children or pets at your place.

Aesthetic Appeal:

You can get Vinyl planks in many looks that are similar to modern tile. The photographic equipment allows the vinyl to mimic ceramic appearance in a way that’s nearly vague from the real thing. Doe example, the heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering added layer allows the planks to withstand extended flooring use.

When it comes to preparation mess, installing ceramic tile is more mess. As you must split up the flooring and ensure the surface is smooth before installation, there is an excess of dust convoluted in the process. When cutting the vinyl floating floors, there is little to no dust. Vinyl plank is easier to keep clean post-installation.

No wait time:

With vinyl flooring plank, there is no waiting for the cover to cure or dry. You can freely live on it right away!

Not as permanent:

When you install ceramic tile, it can be very tough to remove. If you are a person who likes to change trends and home interior design elements, floating vinyl planks are easier to take out and replace.