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What Can Be The Common Issues With Commercial Vinyl Flooring For Long Term Use?

Vinyl is the most popular flooring material that is used for many different commercial applications as well for different reasons, for instance, it takes low maintenance, and is highly water-resistant. This helps in controlling maintenance costs and is relatively durable, so it doesn’t need much frequent replacement

Coming to the commercial vinyl flooring sheet, hen it’s simply something you get to pay for. Whatever material quality you buy, or I should say the standard you choose for floor material quality, that will eventually have a direct impact on, how durable it is, and how well it can endure the rigidities of changing levels of high foot traffic

It has been talked a lot about the uses and benefits of commercial vinyl flooring, but today I want to draw your attention towards some common issues which are usually faced during long term use of commercial vinyl flooring, and its solution. Let’s take a look!

Long-Term Issues with Commercial Vinyl Floors

  1. Dulling of Vinyl’s Surface Finish:

Every third person now seems fed up with it! Yes, the dulling of vinyl’s surface finish has become the most common issue wherever the commercial vinyl installation is found. It usually causes by small pieces of sand, dirt, and debris that are being tracked across the floor by shoes and wind.

When these small particles jam across the floor, then act grit pieces of sandpaper, rubbing and maiming vinyl surface, and wearing away any surface layer or finish that might be existing over it

Solution: The convenient way to prevent commercial vinyl flooring from dulling of your vinyl floors is, to protect it from those tiny particles which can harm the flooring sheet. Consistent vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping can help in protecting vinyl floor especially at high traffic area

  1. Yellowing / Fading of Color

The discoloration or yellowing of commercial vinyl floors can occur many times due to dirt buildup, oil, and tar sealers which are usually tracked inside the room via exterior locations. The use of rubber in some shoes can also result in causing slight fading of colors on the floor. However, the extended exposure to direct sunlight or heat can also discolor material, turning it to yellowish color.

Solution: the regular floor cleaning results in removing oils and greases from the floor covering which can be expected to discolor the vinyl floor over time.

The use of curtains in places where windows and glass doors shine direct sunlight down on the floor can help prevent yellowing effects. However, vinyl should not be installed in areas of high heat output, such as near heating ducts and vents.

  1. Surface Dents & Damage

Lastly, the damage and surface dents on the floor can occur due to many different reasons, most importantly the use of heavy furniture that is scraped across the floor. This can result in causing scratches

Solution: If there is a minor, or small size dent or scratch found on the commercial vinyl floor, then it can be repaired using liquid seam filler.

But you need to ensure the vinyl is clean and dry, then take few drops of clear liquid to blemish, being certain to make it smooth without any lumps, so there should be no bubbles or mounds. Apply it on the floor for removing all dents