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What Is Commercial Vinyl Flooring? Define its types

Commercial vinyl flooring is an affordable, versatile, and durable solution made from synthetic materials. It is the perfect flooring for high-traffic spaces, including lobbies, hospitals, grocery stores, offices,  and many more. Moreover, commercial vinyl flooring sheet is also very stylish for their sturdy design. You can get modern options for wood, stone, and non-concrete or geometric patterns. All in all, it is everything a business over can want on a new floor. It is easier to clean than carpet flooring, cheaper than tile, and more modish than concrete or epoxy.

Types of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

You may think that vinyl flooring comes in plank form as that’s the most popular choice. However, that’s simply the beginning of your flooring options. Vinyl flooring delivers a ton of variety, from classic wood-look planks to resilient sheets and even tiles.

Commercial Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Industries often use sheet vinyl to cover large spaces. Commercial vinyl flooring sheets are more affordable than vinyl planks and tiles. They are a leading flooring choice for commercial spaces since they are budget-friendly and easy to install. Moreover, some vinyl sheet flooring comes with antimicrobial technology, making it an excellent choice for hospital flooring.

Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers an inviting and warm feel to any commercial space. However, with realistic wood grains and textures, you get the beauty of wood with the durability and easy maintenance of vinyl. Examples of surfaces are hand-scraped and wire-brushed.

Commercial Vinyl Tile Flooring

With luxury vinyl flooring tile, you get the style of stone and ceramic tile without the high price tag or complex installation. You find various stylish porcelain and ceramic flooring looks, with all the profits of high-quality vinyl flooring.

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Construction of Vinyl Flooring

So. what makes commercial vinyl so durable? It is all in the way the manufacturers made it. Depending on the flooring type, there are a couple of designs that will impact the durability of your floor.

Construction of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring sheets are heterogeneous (multiple sheet layers) or homogenous (one solid layer) flooring sheets. Homogenous vinyl flooring sheets are incredibly durable and typically longer-lasting. It is the one solid color from top to bottom, which means stains and wearing do not appear quickly. Endless design possibilities allow customers to replicate natural wood, concrete, marble, and stone. Because of the production process, large montage patterns are far easier to achieve than tiled or plank format. For this reason, commercial sheet flooring vinyl is an ideal choice for large spaces, with offices, healthcare centers, kitchens, and schools. It is the best where foot traffic or moisture is high.

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring sheet has five layers:

  • Wear layer: The top protective flooring layer resists wear and tear.
  • Texture/definition: it is where you may get the wood and stone texture.
  • Print layer: Here’s where you can find the high-quality visuals.
  • Vinyl: The thickest layer of the heterogeneous flooring.
  • Backing: More durable backings are fiberglass that lays flat and will not curl.