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What Is Conductive Flooring? How Does It Work?

A conductive floor is an ESD (Electro Static Discharge) flooring system with high conduction properties, in a range between 1*104 to 1*106 that allows you to redirect the generation of the electrostatic field and avoid a spark capable of producing combustion or affecting electronic devices from being made.

How Do Conductive Floors Work?

However, the conductive flooring material or epoxy coating that works as an ESD flooring system, static conductive flooring tile allows you to control the triboelectric charges formed by the electrostatic field. When the electrostatic appears, the conductive bottom discharges the energy towards the thing with which it comes into contact; in this situation, the system may throw the current to a previously installed ground line to disperse and avoid discharge. Essentially, its job is to protect circuits, cells, panels, power transmission rooms and electrical stations, spaces with highly flammable flooring materials or explosive material, operating rooms, and many more.

Where Can You Use Conductive Flooring?

You are familiar with the importance of antistatic conductive flooring, but it is essential to point out in which places you can use them and for what reasons:

  • The most frequent use of conductive flooring is in laboratories or industrial sectors where there are ultra-sensitive devices and flammable flooring material;
  • In the second case, you can fuel warehouses, waste warehouses, or spaces that house materials disposed to rapid combustion like paper, cloth, or wood;
  • You can use conductive flooring in technological environments where they perform quality and resistance tests on electrical devices by high precision measurements;
  • In these circumstances, any electrostatic intervention may affect devices sensitive to current variations, and you cannot obtain the expected result.
  • In the communication industry, from phone laboratories to radio stations that have areas or sections where interference-free radio frequencies are necessary.