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What is maple vinyl flooring – You must read

The everlasting look of maple hardwood vinyl flooring makes it a popular option for numerous homeowners. The fine, light, and smooth grains, ranging from straight lines to twisted patterns, are visually tempting for any room.

What are Hard Maple and Soft Maple?

The maple design vinyl flooring is the strong and durable domestic hardwood flooring option. However, there are many species of maple wood available. The maple flooring manufacturers broadly distinguished into two types, hard maple, and soft maple.

Advantages Of Maple Hardwood Flooring

Great Appearance

Maple vinyl’s beauty is undeniable. It has warm colors range, including neutral beiges, browns, reds,  and chromatic grays. It can complement practically all home decor color schemes. If you want a darker floor for your space, you can stain or dye it. Maple flooring has less grain than other wood changes, which accounts for its smooth appearance. If you want to give your space a subtle style evocative, maple material is an excellent option.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Maple vinyl flooring only requires regular sweeping and weekly wiping with a mild soap solution to keep it in good shape. You can maintain its luster, buff it every two years.

Superior Hardness

Maple material is one of the hardest varieties of wood. On the hardness scale, hard maple flooring is 1450 lbs while oak flooring is 1290 lbs. it is more durable than oak and does not dent easily. That’s why people can use maple hardwood flooring in public spaces such as bowling alleys and gymnasiums floors.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Maple hardwood flooring is naturally dust resistant. It helps control airborne contaminants and allergens that can potentially harm your health.

Does it have Nice Color Choices?

Maple flooring is available in a range of tones, such as neutral beiges, browns, reds, and chromatic grays. Its pale creamy white color also makes it very versatile to adapt to a wide variety of colors. Therefore, you may not have to worry about a contrasting clash between your new flooring, walls, and room décor.

Is it Affordable?

The wide availability of maple makes maple hardwood one of the most affordable hardwood vinyl floors options. Moreover, lower grades of maple wood are also functionally robust and budget-friendly.

Maple Hardwood Flooring Colors

Maple design vinyl flooring tends to come in lighter hues. However, it can range from mauve browns and grays to darker red-brown. Most homeowners are familiar with the lighter sandy-blonde tones of maple hardware and choose it for a minimal, clean design.

Maple vinyl flooring is best in its natural tones because of the density of the wood grain. Tightly clustered cells make it difficult to stain maple material in darker colors. However, if you are looking for durable and light-colored hardwood, maple is the perfect match for your area home. The simplistic beauty of maple makes it an ideal hardwood for smaller rooms, hallways, and larger rooms. It is best where you want the beauty of hardwood without the busy feeling of many patterns.