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Why Choose Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring? Read The Following

Modern brands revolutionize homogeneous PVC floors with design, technology, and performance. Intended, developed, and manufactured with the current advanced technology, homogeneous PVC flooring roll benefits from a unique surface graining for best performance and excellent resistance to stains and scratches. It offers a comprehensive option of high-quality Homogeneous PVC Flooring designs, colors, and arrangements.

Homogeneous Vinyl Tile And Flooring–Why Select It

Homogeneous PVC tile and flooring have recently got much popularity. These are the modern tiles ready with a single layer of vinyl, and you can either paste or weld on the subfloor. The compact PVC floors are highly durable and robust. If you plan to get a flooring solution for spaces with heavy traffic, then homogeneous PVC tile and flooring is the best option.

However, the flooring is quite sturdy; it is also appropriate for resisting dirt and impurities. The compressed structure of vinyl tiles creates them one of the low-maintenance modern flooring solutions.  Vinyl tiles have robust interconnecting installation technology, which encourages resilience.

Quality And Technology

  • You can use only virgin phthalate-free materials, no recycled material mixed.
  • Optimal product quality appreciations to cutting-edge technology.
  • An efficient and supportable manufacturing process using renewable energy.
  • Very low VOC emissions guarantee better indoor air quality, 100% recyclable.

Performance And Protection

  • A vigorous product, resistant to extreme stresses.
  • Improved resistance to high traffic and scratches because of its unique treatment.
  • Easy to install.

Designs And Colors

  • A large deal with two collections: modern directional and non-directional patterns.
  • Bright and extreme colors with high light reflection value.
  • Harmonious varieties which you can combine easily inside the building.

Prices Ratio And Service

  • Profitable factory-selling charges for worldwide customers.
  • Deliver customers with one-stop professional and well-timed service from inquiry, construction, and delivery.
  • Offer flooring installation and maintenance technical support.

Comparing Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous PVC flooring roll is undoubtedly apt for your projects; if you want to try another alternative, there is a comparison between homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC flooring.


Both heterogeneous and homogeneous PVC tile and flooring are low maintenance. It is why people use both floorings in public places like markets, medical institutions, and schools.


In comparison, homogeneous PVC tile and flooring are more affordable; compared to other modern flooring materials, they are inexpensive.

Layers Of Vinyl

Homogeneous PVC tiles are vibrant with a single layer. Though, heterogeneous PVC tiles offer varying possibilities of designs with various layers of vinyl. More methods compromise a natural appeal to the modern flooring.


Both the PVC tile options have amazing functionality welfares. They are stain-resistant and offer prevention against infectious growth. You can get them placed with high foot traffic for better performance.

With so several benefits, selecting homogeneous vinyl tiles is not worth it but wise also. However, no matter which place you are purchasing it, its low maintenance and strengthening personalities certainly value the expenditure. Selecting homogeneous over heterogeneity is essential for organizations, who want to generate a professional atmosphere. The vivacity with solid colors can create a quintessential appeal. So, go and get your homogeneous vinyl tile today!