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 Anti-Static Flooring Sheet

Looking for fine quality Anti-Static Flooring Sheet? Bomeiflor, for the first time in your region, is utilizing the most up-to-date technology, premium static materials, and the right amounts of special purpose additives, protecting you against fires and system failures brought on by static charges generated on the floor.

We implement the best techniques to provide our customers with innovative static regulated tiles and sheets. We make these flooring products to prevent static buildup, discharge, and other electrostatic phenomena.

Regular tiles and sheets frequently contribute to the accumulation of static electricity, which can be a significant issue in buildings. Anywhere there are computers, electrostatic interference causes problems, and more extensive computer facilities have the worst situations. Even worse, static discharge can obliterate hours of computer labor or, in conditions with high oxygen levels, even trigger explosions.

Durable and Flexible Flooring Sheet

Our team of professionals recommends using specific static tiles and sheets for any facility where static discharge or interference may be an issue. Static control floor tiles and sheets are frequently used in places like electronic manufacturing plants, computer rooms, X-ray rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, public offices, and business offices.

For commercial applications where high wear and tear or electrostatic interference are anticipated. Furthermore, Glousesflor uses PVC, plasticizers, stabilizers, and color pre-used to make the tiles and sheets, which are then reinforced with specific quartz fillers. Tiles are of standard measurements and on according to the client’s needs. On request, we make more sizes for our valuable customers.

Our flooring sheets have the following features:

  1. Flexibility

No signs of breakage and cracks; it will last long for years.

  1. Wear & Abrasion

It provides excellent abrasion resistance.

  1. Excellent for areas with heavy traffic and usage of networks

Using anti-static flooring, you can reduce the static charge, which also offers extra defense against static damage.

  1. People and goods on the grounds

This unique flooring makes sure that everyone and everything is grounded in a static-sensitive setting.

  1. Durable

Most anti-static flooring is created from durable, long-lasting materials like rubber, tiles, and vinyl.

Unique Creation Techniques

To do our flooring sheets, there are no specific conditions anywhere on the ground that is stable, clean, smooth, level, and dry. It is necessary to use the proper adhesive and laying techniques.

Once we provide you with a great floor, we recommend careful maintenance to improve its appearance and durability. Daily cleaning using a diluted mild detergent in warm water and occasional polishing using an anti-static or dressing is advised. Avoid using potent stripping agents, harsh abrasives, and organic solvents.

Our workers are hard-working to get their job done. Moreover, we offer competitive market rates and high quality.