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Get the Best Quality Anti-Static Flooring Sheet!

Bomeiflor is the leading anti-static flooring sheet manufacturers and suppliers who deals in providing reliable, and quality flooring sheets, and coverings which are made of one layer that provides sparkle and complete color depth.

We guarantee to provide you exact design as you suggest to us, or what we have mentioned in our website. Our provided anti-static flooring sheet is a multi-layer flooring which comes in immense variety of beautiful patterns, and an endless unique designs.

Our Anti-Static Flooring Sheets Designs an Iconic Floor Decoration

If you want to design clean and smooth floor for your hospital, or even for any academic institution then our anti-static flooring sheets can help you design an iconic floor decoration. They are most suitable, yet versatile solution that combines a comprehensive collection of appealing colorways and patterns with high performance for hospitals, schools, and other high traffic areas.

The anti-Static flooring sheet from the house of Bomeiflor includes all basic requirements of the widely used material specifications such as; RDSO specn, ISO, IS-3462/1986, and NoC-8515 Rev2. We have aced our static release ground surface or Anti-Static detailing and innovation by method for making ceaseless speculations towards the advancement of anti-static flooring sheet.

What other Kinds of Static Flooring You can expect to Get Designed by Bomeiflor?

Apart from providing a quality anti-static flooring sheet, we further deal in providing other flooring services as well such as;

  • Anti-Static Flooring
  • ESD Vinyl Floor
  • ESD PVC Floor
  • Anti-Static Perforated Raised Floor
  • Anti-Static Vinyl Flooring Sheet (XYS Series)
  • 600*600 Full Steel Perforated Access Floors for Data Center and so on

We own plenty of products to resolve your static issues. Each product flooring sheet has been specifically designed in that way to bring it in several uses. For example the Ionizing Anti-Static floors can be utilized to dispense with Static Electricity in various sort of procedures all through the Automotive, Converting, Plastics, Electronics, Packaging, and related businesses.

When it comes to consider Bomeiflor for anti-static flooring, then we bet, you’ll get beyond what you pay for! We offer the unobtrusive magnificence and warmth of natural visuals in a flexible versatile floor. Our material quality uncovers itself how well it can bear the rigidities of differing levels of pedestrian activity.

Want to know more about our static flooring sheet? Contact us now either by calling our main office, or via our contact form on website.