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Get Reliable & Advanced Conductive Flooring Tile!

Bomeiflor provides the best conductive flooring systems, and other floor manufacturing services for multiple commercial buildings be it, gym, school, kindergarten, hospital, nursery, badminton court, or any sport activity hub.

There are many industries which require conductive flooring for their production and storage areas. We own specific systems for electronics industry, as well as explosives areas, munitions, hazardous storage, processing areas, and AGV areas.

The reliable conductive flooring systems which we provide, comprise of lowest charge generation and quickest charge dissipation for an ESD production environment. Our flooring is grounded through a copper strip connected with flooring to a grounded connection like; a wall outlet.

What Electric Range Our Conductive Flooring System Provide?

The electrical range for conductive flooring is around between 25,000 ohms to 1 million ohms, while dissipative or static dissipative is 1 million to 1 billion ohms.

Our conductive range is mainly required for an extra sensitive microelectronics, or areas where a spark can cause a dangerous ignition, the conductive range is required. Besides, our provided conductive flooring provides;

  • Some clean rooms with extremely sensitive equipment
  • Extremely sensitive telecommunication installation areas
  • Hospital OR’s still using flammable anesthetics
  • Medical diagnostic instrument areas with extremely sensitive instruments
  • Extremely sensitive electronic and computer equipment in manufacturing assembly and test areas

Some industrial applications for our conductive flooring include; explosives storage, flammable storage / processing, and processing, munitions, etc.  The treatment of these materials can prompt a start occasion, fire or blast. Peruse progressively about claim to fame risky region conductive ground surface for these territories, where regularly NFPA-99 DOD 4145.26-M or different models must be met.

 Notable Conductive Flooring Applications

  • Widely used in clean room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, hospitals, data center & computer room, and other areas that require anti-static or conductive environment.
  • We are surviving on innovation, quality, design and service taking customer satisfaction as our personal goal and insisting on providing customer with quality product, with good after sale service.
  • Our factory has world class Italian architectural ceramics production equipment, and has the most advanced business management mode. It has successfully passed ISO 9001 international quality management system, ISO 14001 international environment management system and 3C.
  • The company has established an excellent long-lasting interactive relations with distributors in different places which guarantees our steady development.

Perks of Considering Our Conductive Flooring Tile

We ensure;

Customized Product Designing & Service: We not only ensure best product quality, but also assist clients design their new products and OEM.

Multinational Agents: We have agents in different areas around the world such as; Malaysia, USA, Canada, & Vietnam etc.

Quality Assurance: Guaranteed quality over the past decade.

Equipment: Our factory has top-class Taiwan architectural ceramics production equipment, and has the most advanced business management mode.