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 Conductive Flooring Tile

BomeiFlor is a reputable manufacturer that provides the best Conductive Floor Tiles and other floor manufacturing services for multiple commercial buildings.  Whether in your gym, school, kindergarten, hospital, nursery, badminton court, or any sports activity hub.

The reliable conductive tile we provide comprises the lowest charge generation and quickest charge dissipation for a conductive production environment. Our flooring is grounded through a copper strip that connects it with flooring to a grounded connection, hence, it makes us stand out as the leading flooring tile manufacturer in the market.

Customers searching for reputable conductive flooring tile manufacturers come to us as we fulfill each promise we make. Apart from that, the quality of our Conductive Tile Flooring is exceptional.

We never compromise the quality or the standard of materials used in the formation of the flooring tiles. Also, we are not only a renowned flooring tile manufacturer but also a supplier who delivers products to customers worldwide.

We never miss a deadline and stand straight for timely delivery, which all our customers appreciate.  We have a highly competent team who never let any leave unturned when it comes to satisfying our customers, as customer satisfaction is our motto.

In terms of durability, quality, standard of material, affordability, and performance, our conductive tiles have no match as it excels in every aspect.

Where Does Our Conductive Flooring Tile Apply?

  •         Some clean rooms with extremely sensitive equipment
  •         Extremely sensitive telecommunication installation areas
  •         Hospital operation room
  •         Medical diagnostic instrument areas with extremely sensitive instruments
  •         Extremely sensitive electronic and computer equipment in manufacturing assembly and test areas

The company has established an excellent long-lasting interactive relationship with distributors in different places, guaranteeing our steady development.

Why Consider Our Conductive Flooring Option?

Our Conductive Floor Tile options are available in a wide variety from BomeiFlor. Our floors are popular for their adaptability and toughness.  Furthermore, several industries prefer these as the best in their category.

Conductive flooring choices are available in our wide selection as well as making them the perfect choice for:

  •         Medical Facilities
  •         Operating Rooms
  •         Intensive Care Units
  •         Electrical Industries
  •         High-Tech Spaces

They exhibit superior cleaning capabilities and their anti-static and anti-bacterial qualities, which have improved the product’s reputation.

Our floor series has all the advantages of a great tile but is improved by its smooth surface that you must treat with care. Additionally, its electro-conductive qualities are great for use. Therefore, our flooring option was created for use in the places mentioned above.

You have a lot of room to express your creativity while creating your own unique space design. Moreover, our conductive floorings promise performance, comfort, and outstanding chemical resistance.