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FloorArt is a brand new innovative custom printed flooring concept that brings never before seen design solutions to the world of flooring.

Great design, on floors

Our mission is to offer superb design on cutting-edge new products. We design our flooring to improve the experience people have in the spaces they occupy. We think that flooring is often overlooked as a design solution, and we’re committed to making it an exciting, innovative and fun part of interior design.

Our advanced digital printing technology enables striking floor visuals that cannot be achieved with conventional print techniques. It enables you to design your own unique floor in the high quality of our heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring. Our diverse selection of vinyl flooring has been hand picked to cover a wide range of tastes and interior decor styles, with designs ranging from a simple pebble beach right up to detailed geometric designs.

Forget the plain old flooring of the past, and make your floor the centerpiece of your room with FloorArt.


– Reproduce your design, idea or image on a durable printed vinyl floor.

– For a room of any shape, scale or size

– Our experienced design team will help you every step of the way.

– All our floors are produced on a technically advanced commercial grade flooring material suitable for high traffic areas

– Play with your company logo or the graphic elements ad colours in the floor

– Make small confirm sample for free