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Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring Covering

The Heterogeneous vinyl Cover is Globalflor’s signature floor covering which contains a heterogeneous PVC sheet. It essentially involves multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer giving unending structure possibilities, durable performance, and low maintenance cost.

Heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring is a vinyl floor covering designed to give a natural surface, yet it is built to convey solidness, execution, and flexibility past what normal items can offer. It comprises a wear-resistant layer and other different layers, commonly adapted for almost all application areas.

  • High quality
  • Durability
  • Sound reduction
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Slip resistant

Each of our heterogeneous vinyl floors offers unique properties for particular applications, so our clients can get a floor that is just suitable for their application. We own unique expertise in designing and manufacturing heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering in various patterns and textures with its multiple layers.

These patterns can be used in different combinations to create multiple grand designs. Heterogeneous flooring is used in wood and stone textures at residential places to get a feel of the natural material. Our heterogeneous vinyl flooring cover styles are trending in the market today.

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Our multi-layer vinyl flooring with a printed top layer provides endless design possibilities, impressive lasting performance, and low maintenance cost. Our heterogeneous vinyl flooring is flawlessly adapted for all application areas. Go to the images above and explore our extensive flooring range. Heterogeneous flooring also compromises low maintenance cost, making it a primary choice for healthcare facilities, homeowners, markets, schools, etc.

bomeiflor Heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering is an affordable flooring solution compared with other flooring materials and is incredibly stain resistant. Our heterogeneous vinyl flooring has many options and advantages and comes with varying thickness. It is patterned or colored and often used in areas with high moisture levels like kitchens, laboratories, and bathrooms. The benefits of vinyl flooring covering:

1.The heterogeneous PVC flooring has a perfect wear layer, and it is also very thick. It is high in wear resistance and stain resistance; it is very consistent with various standards.

2, the pattern’s surface is apparent and customized according to consumers’ needs, full of three-dimensional, the effect is very realistic. There is no fading, and it can expose to sunlight for a long time.

3, there will be no bending and retracting, the size is incredibly stable, the flatness after installation is also very high; tested.