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Get an Ultimate Protective Heterogeneous Vinyl flooring Covering by Bomeiflor

The Heterogeneous vinyl is Bomeiflor’s signature floor covering which contains heterogeneous PVC sheet. It essentially involve multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer giving unending structure possibilities, durable performance, and low maintenance cost.

Heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring is a vinyl floor covering is designed to give a natural surface, yet it is built to convey solidness, execution, and flexibility past what normal items can offer. It comprises of a wear layer and different layers, which contrast in piece or plan.

Our heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering is commonly adapted for almost all application areas. We are popular for providing an exceptional and specialized flooring solutions including; slip resistant vinyl acoustic vinyl, and loose lay vinyl. You can check on images and discover our extensive range.

At Bomeiflor, you can expect to explore a wide range of wood floor designs – apart from heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering – with all over designs & stones, concrete and metals which are suitable for professional environments in school, healthcare, offices and retail firms etc.

Why Heterogeneous Vinyl Floorings are Always Must? Some Key Factors

Because, the heterogeneous vinyl flooring coverings are more effervescent. Their application is far more varied than homogeneous vinyl flooring. Heterogeneous vinyl is made up of various layers and at times, consists of a foam layer to give it flexibility.

Some notable key factors to consider our heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering covers;

  • High quality
  • Durability
  • Sound reduction
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Slip resistant flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring is an adaptable answer for a wide range of utilizations. It comes in different constructions to accommodate the use in residential applications or high traffic areas such as; schools and hospitals.

Each of our heterogeneous vinyl floors offers unique properties for particular applications, so our clients can get a floor that is just suitable for their application. We own unique expertise in designing and manufacturing heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering in various patterns and textures with its multiple layers.

These patterns can be used in different combinations to create multiple grand designs. Heterogeneous flooring is used in wood and stone texture at residential places to get feel of the natural material.

How Our Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring Covering is made?

Homogeneous vinyl is made of a single layer which gives a rigidity and toughness to a floor. Hence, it can be used in places that experience heavy foot traffic. Our heterogeneous vinyl floor covering is widely available in solid colors. Its single layer provides a smooth vibrancy and depth in color.