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Design an Iconic Floor Decoration with Our Trendy Commercial Vinyl Flooring Sheets!

The commercial vinyl flooring sheet is the most suitable, yet versatile solution that combines a broad portfolio of appealing colorways and patterns with high performance for hospitals, schools, and other high traffic areas.

When it comes to consider Bomeiflor for commercial vinyl flooring, then we bet, you’ll get beyond what you pay for! We offer the subtle beauty and warmth of organic visuals in a versatile resilient floor. Our material quality reveals itself how well it can endure the rigidities of varying levels of foot traffic.

As far as the notable characteristics of commercial vinyl flooring sheets are concerned, so they collectively makes it an ideal solution for educational facilities, healthcare, medical centers, and other governmental sectors.

What is The Source of Durability in Our Commercial Vinyl Flooring Sheets?

The exceptional durability in our commercial vinyl flooring sheets comes from the UV-cured urethane coating. It is made with high abrasion resistant surface which makes this assorted vinyl sheet a perfect fit for areas with high traffic and heavy static loads.

The vinyl flooring sheet which we provide, is a feasible alternative to floor tile since it is very cost-effective. Our commercial flooring sheets are usually made in 6′ or 12′ widths in rolls of varying lengths. The bigger size rolls help eliminating need for multiple seams.

Notable Applications of Our Supplied Commercial Vinyl Flooring Sheets

The Globalflor was established with an aim to provide all our dedicated consumers an exceptional value and durability in flooring. We have designed and obtained our vinyl flooring sheets with such sensibilities that make our products unique from other in the market

There are often special spaces within a commercial environment that need unique flooring solutions to optimize performance. Our flooring sheets are able to bear;

  • Resistance to oil and grease
  • Electrical resistance and static dissipation
  • Enhanced slip resistance
  • Safe outlet

Overall, we provide complete flooring solution for almost every project, assuring quality and accountability from a single supplier. Still wondering from where to get the right floor, and right commercial vinyl flooring sheets? Call us today, and now.