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Knock the Door of Bomeiflor if You’re Looking For Best Homogeneous Plastic Flooring Factory!

When it comes to look for the best homogenous plastic flooring factory while building hospital, or any other commercial building, then entrepreneurs often look for a source that can facilitate them with multiple choices, best solutions, and make their project a phenomenal one by decorating it with something unique, classy, and quality flooring material.

Bomeiflor stands among that list of top flooring factories which people demand for. Our homogenous plastic flooring provides green environmental protection, super impact resistance, ultra-light, and ultra-thin, super anti-slip, fire retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-bacterial performance, super wear-resistant, sound-absorbing and anti-noise, seamless welding, and simple splicing,

What a Homogeneous Plastic Flooring is & Where it Is Used?

The homogenous plastic flooring, also known as “light body material” is a new type of light body floor decoration which is quite popular in the world today. This is the most demanded product in South Korea, Japan, and Europe.

The homogeneous plastic flooring is widely used in nursing homes, office buildings, public places hospitals, schools, factories, businesses, sports venues and other places. Factory airport hospital homogeneous PVC vinyl flooring.

Running a leading and successful homogeneous plastic flooring factory is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort, expertise, and time to bring it to such a level. Now we excel in manufacturing PVC mat, needle punched carpet, and some other different kinds of carpets and mats.

How Our Homogeneous Plastic Flooring Can Help You Expand Your Business?

In our homogeneous sheet flooring factory, the entire flooring is engineered to have one single layer and composition throughout the sheet. It is incredibly durable, stain resistant, and takes less maintenance, this makes it a great flooring choice for commercial areas including; school, hospitals, shopping mall, bank, medical facility and so on.

Besides, we provide fast construction, and our flooring offers variety, heat conduction and warmth, convenient maintenance, acid & alkali corrosion, and many other advantages. We are medical plastic floor, and hospital sheet roll floor manufacturers, and our commercial sheet flooring for hospital is divided into two categories; Homogeneous flooring and heterogeneous hospital flooring.

Notable Features of Our Homogeneous Plastic Flooring

  • No wax needed since it provides an easy maintenance
  • Special formulation for improved anti-mildew anti-bacterial and anti-mildew
  • High performing adaptable homogeneous multipurpose use
  • Compacted homogeneous floor covering with exceptional PUR upkeep treatment
  • Non directional plan which makes the beautifying impact progressively adaptable
  • Densely compacted surface had improved the scraped area and against contamination execution

Want to get any service from our homogeneous plastic flooring factory? Feel free to contact us.