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Stay Protected With Our Quality Hospital Use PVC Flooring!

Do you want to make your hospital a place of ultimate secure and protection? It should be since it’s a high traffic area that is used 24 x7 throughout the day. The foundation begins with flooring, the strong your flooring will be, the strong impression it will make in enhancing the image of hospital name.

We, the Bomeiflor can help you enhance the interior beauty of your hospital, and its name with our quality hospital use PVC flooring. It helps fighting hospital-acquired infections, since it is recyclable, easy to repair with hot welding, helpful in reducing bacteria growth, and helps fighting hospital-acquired infections.

Our supplied hospital use PVC flooring products provide  a complete balance between requirements, providing a solution for almost every area in a hospital including; operating rooms, busy corridors, labs, emergency rooms, private exam rooms, nurses stations, patient rooms, waiting rooms, lounges, and to name a few.

Why Only PVC Flooring For Hospital Use By BomeiFlor?

The hospital use PVC flooring is found in many healthcare facilities around the globe. The reason why it is such a popular material for hospital flooring is, it is extremely hard wearing. It comprise of some particular anti-static PVC properties of PVC which further helps in preventing sensitive electronic equipment from stagnant discharges.

The PVC flooring material is expected to have long life span around 20 years, even with heavy traffic. Another additional advantage of using PVC flooring is, it is shock absorbent, so it’s convenient to walk over. The hospital use PVC flooring which we provide, is ideal for its ease of cleaning.

Our PVC flooring make a clean, smooth surface, which becomes easier to keep the floor sanitized. This is must for hospitals, where the development of any waste can prompt genuine wellbeing ramifications for the two patients and medicinal services experts.

A few new advancements in PVC are helping emergency clinics to defeat the test of HAIs. At Bomeiflor, we produce a comprehensive range of PVC flooring rolls, and build hospital use PVC flooring at best prices so far. Contact us to learn more about our product offers today!