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  • GFD8810 00 Astra Blue

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  • GFD8810 01 Smoky Gray

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  • GFD8810 02 Mystic Beige

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  • GFD8810 03 Straw

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  • GFD8810 04 Wheat

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  • GFD8810 06 White Satin

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  • GFD8810 07 Aloe

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  • GFD8810 09 Moonshine

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  • GFD8810 10 Light Greige

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  • GFD8810 32 Apple Crisp

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  • GFD8810 33 Lenox Tan

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  • GFD8810 35 Sulfur Yellow

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Homogeneous Pvc Flooring Roll

Globalflor is the leading homogeneous PVC flooring roll manufacturer and supplier that deals in providing reliable, and quality flooring material, and coverings that are made of one single layer that provides sparkle and complete color depth.

Bomeiflor guarantees to provide you exact design as shown as advertised in sample pictures on our website. Our provided homogeneous flooring roll is a single-layer flooring that comes in an immense variety of beautiful patterns, and endless design possibilities.

Being a renowned PVC flooring roll supplier, we understand the fact that every customer has a different set of requirements when it comes to ordering PVC flooring roll. We design the flooring rolls just the way our customers demand. The feature gives a touch of natural flooring material. Additionally, our PVC flooring roll further provides a low maintenance cost, this makes it an ultimate choice for schools, hospitals, airport facilities, etc.

Apart from focusing on the quality of our products, we also take care of customers’ queries. We are very well aware of the fact that customers have a lot of questions before as well as after placing the order. We always welcome customers with great services and products along with the assistance of one of our representatives who keep in touch with the customers to inform them about their order and also guide them.

Pvc Flooring Product Feature

  • Easy to maintain even after installment
  • It’s suitable for hospitals, offices, institutions, transportation, factory, etc
  • Surface treatment with PUR, Function with dirt, antibacterial, antifungal
  • Dense surface improves wear resistance, stress resistance
  • High performance and multi-purpose floor, adopting non-directional design

Where Our Homogeneous Pvc Flooring Roll Is Widely Demanded?

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Traffic hinge
  • Heavy-duty commercial
  • Light industry

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