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Get Durable & Flawless Rigid Vinyl Flooring Tile by Bomeiflor!

The rigid vinyl flooring is a kind of floor that is engineered with a core construction to give an additional stability on floor. Bomeiflor brings an additional innovation to traditional vinyl flooring giving it more wood touch, or tile flooring touch. The rigid flooring which we provide, comes in different varieties including; SPC (stone plastic composite), hybrid, or WPC (wood plastic composite)

From the end if Bomeiflor manufacturers, rigid core vinyl flooring is something that make it stand unique from a regular vinyl floor, with extra durability and stability. Our reliable vinyl flooring is pure water-proof. This stability give like a hardwood tile look.

Our rigid vinyl flooring is made of dense layer to make a more specialist like feel to each board or tile. Additionally, the ground surface’s thickness, the inflexible center extravagance vinyl is increasingly agreeable and ingests progressively stable.

What Types of Rigid Vinyl Flooring Do Bomeiflor Provide?

When it comes to explore several types of vinyl flooring from Bomeiflor, then we are confident to facilitate you with lucrative, and successful vinyl floor shopping experience. Our popular ones include; SPC vinyl, WPC vinyl, and Hybrid vinyl flooring.

  • The SPC vinyl flooring main comprise of stone plastic composite core
  • Hybrid vinyl flooring is been engineered to include laminate and vinyl features

How Bomeiflor Vinyl Flooring Can Raise the Standard of Your Project?

The rigid vinyl flooring which we manufacture, is a popular demand for majority of home and business owners due to the benefits which this floor provide such as;

Waterproof: Our rigid vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. It won’t let moisture or humidity damage or cause the planks to swell.

Appearance: The rigid vinyl flooring is available in variety of colors, styles, and textures. These vinyls imitate the look of real hardwood tile

DIY Installation: Rigid vinyl flooring is easy to install, in fact it supports DIY installation featuring tongue and groove system, more like traditional vinyl or laminate.

Affordability: Another notable reason to consider our rigid vinyl flooring is, it fits best in terms of affordability counting on the type of rigid core, brand and features, since there are many low end to high end rigid core vinyl’s in the market.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning: Lastly, it is to clean and maintain. It just require simple maintenance and regular cleaning that is enough to keep these floors looking great.

Contact us today for product details!