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Get Rigid Vinyl Flooring Title

Global Flor is the leading rigid vinyl flooring tile manufacturer that has been in the industry for quite a long. Since then, we have been marked our presence in the market as a professional manufacturer. LVT is made of virgin material, and it doesn’t contain radioactive elements and formaldehyde. It is harmless to the environment and for the human body.

CLICK PRO is a kind of diachronic creative product. We have a unique patent on the special structure which doesn’t limit by other suppliers. Using the hot press technique and PVC material ensures the flooring will not shrink, chip, or warp. IXPE backing provides professional sound-absorption, water-proof and damp proof.

This flooring material is a kind of peel and stick product, yet it differs from other products in the market. It can be re-peel and re-stick on any dry and clean area, there won’t have any trace caused by the glue. Even when the backing is covered with dust, you can wash it easily and then stick after it gets dried.

Perfect Rigid Vinyl Flooring Tile, Perfect Performance

Following are some highlighting features unfolding the best performance of our supplied rigid vinyl flooring tile;

  • Waterproof – Our rigid flooring tile is 100% waterproof. It won’t let moisture or humidity damage or cause the planks to swell
  • Appearance – The rigid flooring tile is available in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Look at real hardwood tile
  • DIY Installation – It is easy to install, in fact, it supports DIY installation featuring a tongue and groove system, more like traditional vinyl or laminate. Buy our rigid vinyl flooring tile and install it by hand easily.
  • Affordability – Another notable reason to consider our vinyl flooring tile is, it fits best in terms of affordability counting on the type of rigid core, brand, and features, since there are many low ends to high-end rigid core vinyl, ’s in the market
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning – Lastly, it is to clean and maintain. It just requires simple maintenance and regular cleaning that is enough to keep these floors looking great.

Our rigid vinyl flooring tile is guaranteed durable and can stand up excellent to heavy foot traffic surfaces. You can look at the wide range of our tiles by scrolling up. They are Budget-Friendly Vinyl ensues to be one of the most affordable flooring types on the market. They are rigid, easy to care and need low maintenance.

Contact us today for product details!