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Hospital flooring (healthcare flooring) plays a significant role in sustaining the health of patients and staff, speeding up the rehabilitation process, decreasing stress, and assuring safety as part of the interior design of the medical environment. Because hospitals, surgeries, medical offices, and other medical facilities are open 24/7 and have a constant flow of doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors. Therefore, the flooring of medical spaces must be water and fire-resistant. Homogenous PVC flooring rolls come into play as they provide a high protection level to the patients and medical equipment. 

When it comes to the security of medical workers and patients, hospitals and medical institutions consider homogenous PVC flooring to be the ideal alternative. The flooring provides solid resistance to bacteria, fungi, and mold. Hygiene, infection control, durability, noise reduction, and ease of maintenance make homogeneous PVC flooring a suitable material in a medical environment.

What Is A Homogeneous PVC Flooring Roll?

Homogeneous PVC flooring is one of the most prevalent types of vinyl flooring, and it consists of one or more layers of the same material composition, color, and pattern throughout the product’s thickness.

45-55 percent PVC, 15-20 percent plasticizers, 25-35 percent fillers, and 2-5 percent colors, stabilizers, and additives are blended cold to make a 2 mm thick floor covering. After that, the mixture is quickly rolled out into sheets on a calendar using high heat.

It’s also called Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring since it’s generally marketed in a strip configuration (roll). It is available in a variety of colors and designs, including directional, semi-directional, and non-directional patterns.

Hospitals prefer Homogeneous PVC Sheet Flooring for the following reasons:

  • Easy Installation

The dust-free PVC sheet will not cause any dust during installation, and the paving procedure is straightforward and comfortable, preventing secondary pollution after decorating. From the time of installation until the time of formal usage, it usually takes only 72 hours.

  • Noise Reduction 

The homogenous PVC flooring roll provides good sound absorption. The silencing law reaches 15-19 dB, implying that the patient may talk properly in the area given by the high-quality floor. Sound decibels have the effect of someone talking in his ear on the surrounding environment, and it can provide a calm and relaxing environment for patients.

  • Resilient And Durable 

The hospital is a location where a lot of people come and go. The homogenous flooring will instantaneously develop resilient deformation when subjected to local pressure, increasing the surface friction coefficient and making it difficult to slip when walking. At the same time, the homogenous PVC flooring roll has a certain amount of shock absorption, the foot feels pleasant, and the soft resilience may reduce tiredness when walking, providing people friendly and relaxed sensation. It can also help patients avoid falling and abrading.

  •  Fire Resistant

The thermal insulation properties and minimal smoke toxicity in the event of a fire are exceptional. It’s especially well-suited to locations where similar hospitals have specific ground-material requirements. The homogenous PVC sheet has excellent combustion resistance, and the smoke generated during combustion contains no corrosive gases.

At the same time, it can withstand cigarette combustion (cigarettes have a burning point of 600-800 °C). The PVC flooring material will not leave lasting traces, according to the 1399 test standard, and this will undoubtedly safeguard the facility and its patients.

  • Visual Therapy

Rich and consistent colors characterize this high-quality homogenous PVC sheet. The mosaic design replaces the strict hospital setting to provide a secure, comfortable, and enjoyable rehabilitation environment. The patient’s resistance to the hospital is nearly eliminated, as is the patient’s worry. The patient’s slumber and healing are aided by the peaceful and comfortable surroundings and appealing colors. You can also select appropriate colors for certain wards, such as children’s wards and basic wards.

  • Antibacterial And Fungicidal

Patients have a low level of resistance. If they become contaminated with germs, their recovery will be hampered. Hospitals, on the whole, choose ecologically friendly PVC flooring, and vinyl flooring is free of hazardous chemicals and does not generate an unpleasant odor. 

The hospital vinyl flooring uses seamless technology, which means it won’t breed bacteria and is eco-friendly. Due to the high-temperature vulcanization process, the product surface has no holes, effectively inhibiting germs and fungus on the hospital flooring surface and preventing bacteria from spreading within and outside the floor.

  • Wear Resistance 

Only flooring with a high wear resistance can satisfy the requirement in hospitals with a high patient flow. The homogeneous PVC sheet’s long endurance is due to its strong recovery (en433), softness (en435), and wear resistance (ISO 4649). Because of the unique properties of vinyl materials and the effective grafting of science and technology, the bomeiflor homogenous PVC flooring roll is typically “long-lasting,” and maintenance is straightforward, reducing the hassle associated with medical ground material change.