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What Type Of Flooring Is Ideal For Bathrooms? Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for bathroom flooring, your topmost concern must be how well the flooring is moisture resistant. Several floorings are 100% waterproof, moisture ruins the wrong flooring quickly. If moisture is the bathroom flooring factor, rigid vinyl flooring tile or ceramic flooring tile wins the battle every time.  While selecting bathroom flooring, consider how the flooring performs undress stress. Some other factors that should be focused also are; appearance, durability, ease-of-installation, and cost. Nowadays, vinyl flooring planks are winning the flooring industry because of its properties.

Why are vinyl floorboard planks best for your bathroom?

Vinyl flooring is one of the perfect flooring options for bathrooms. Although stone flooring or ceramic flooring tiles are the traditional flooring option, vinyl flooring offers advanced performance at a lower price which makes it the superior flooring option. The main benefits of vinyl flooring in the bathroom are:

Visual appeal:

There should be no need to sacrifice the style of your bathroom. Vinyl flooring planks mimic the beautiful flooring appearance of timber or stone according to your liking. Many of the vinyl floorboard planks feature a similar underfoot texture.

Slip protection:

Slip protection is one of the most important things to notice while selecting your bathroom flooring. Vinyl flooring planks are available in unique finishes that provide you the best non-slip flooring options. Vinyl flooring like vinyl floorboard plank or rigid vinyl flooring tile offers you safe and durable flooring.

Moisture resistance:

Timber flooring style looks elegant and timeless in the bathroom, unfortunately, this style is not stable enough for bathroom flooring because of fluctuating moisture levels. So, it is very dangerous for the wettest space of the house. Vinyl flooring planks are completely resistant to moisture, which means you enjoy the timber style flooring without any risk of warping.

Simple installation:

Another advantage provides by the vinyl floorboard plank is its simple installation process. Vinyl flooring planks can install as a floating floor over any type of subfloor in the bathroom. These planks are also very softer as compare to traditional tiles. You can easily cut to the size as you required.


One of the great benefit provided by the vinyl floorboard planks which make them perfect for the bathroom is its amazing cost. There is an enormous difference in price if you compare high-quality tiles and the most expensive luxury vinyl flooring plank. Vinyl planks are a cost-effective flooring choice for the bathroom.