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    Globalflor made PVC flooring installation easily! Get a wide range of your favorite flooring

    Do you also have the dream of having high-quality durable PVC flooring? BOMEI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LTD. is presenting a great range of PVC floorings, from realistic, marble patterns and natural-looking ceramic to stone and wood textures. Our versatile decorative vinyl flooring is the ideal choice for any space, including bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Our extra strong and durable, technical conductive flooring tile in a wide range of print designs, and embossed patterns are highly recommended for hospitals use PVC flooring, airports, theaters, shopping centers, and trains and buses applications. We provide you with high-quality, durable conductive flooring title for safe heavy traffic surface flooring. Our vinyl flooring is popular as hospital use PVC flooring as the installation is very easy and durable. Moreover, we are providing our customers with commercial vinyl flooring sheet or plank in multiple shades, designs, colors, and texture to make your place unique and attractive. Our wide range of vinyl flooring has a great name in the market due to its amazing properties. Globalflor flooring has an incredible cost-performance due to its benefits like environment protection and over-long useful life. Either you are buying homogeneous PVC flooring roll or commercial vinyl flooring sheet from Globalflor, we promise that floors will not crack, warp, chip, or fade. Globalflor never compromises with the quality of the flooring. Our flooring system provides exceptional resistance to scuffs, scratches, indentations, and stains. Our vinyl flooring is hygienic, durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and sound absorbent.

    Durable-practical-cost effective rigid vinyl flooring tile is not a fantasy anymore.

    Globalflor is one of the leading professional manufacturers of versatile vinyl floorings. We produce polyvinyl chloride flooring tiles, mats, sheets, planks, etc. with high quality with 100% virgin materials. We provide durable, practical, and cost-effective flooring, with high-quality service from the right selection, installation to maintenance of the flooring. We offer competitively-priced high-quality vinyl whole-sellers, resellers, and retailers to sell to customers. We offer wholesale many existing vinyl floorings types as well as customized floorings. Having durable, unique, and budget-friendly rigid vinyl flooring tile and other maple design vinyl flooring tiles is easy now, Globalflor is providing its services to over 30 overseas countries. We are loyal to our customers and committed to your health protection and sustainable development. We provide shipping services without any additional charges. Ship your dream design flooring at a very fast speed. We aim to win our customer’s trust and long-term business from leading retailers, we focus on quality control and good production management.

    Give life to your house by Globalflor vinyl flooring

    Flooring is one of the most important elements of the house. Globalflor promised to make your place a unique, comfortable, and safe house to live. Our PVC supreme quality collection offers a comfortable flooring solution that stands up to daily wear and tears. We provide an additional slip-resistant grip to our vinyl flooring which makes our flooring ideal for any residential usage. Not only for residential use, but this extra slip-resistant grip property of flooring also makes it famous in sports, hospitals, malls, and industries. Our PVC sports flooring mat and homogeneous plastic flooring factory provide safety, durability, comfortability, and uniqueness to the users. We have a professional team and sales that design vinyl flowing to customers’ requirements. We provide you with a top-notch variety of vinyl natural-looking floorings which gives awesome contrast to your house interior. We provide customs production, and supply just one-step service from manufacturer, design, and logistics. We offer woven vinyl flooring to give life to your house as our products have a modern design and high-tech features. Our working and designing experienced team always focus to provide you with the best product and services. Our main asset is our customer’s commitments and their enthusiasm. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally responsible flooring manufacturer. We set our products and services on the highest standards to achieve customer satisfaction.

    Wide range of flooring in a competitive price range

    Globalflor provides the best customer service as it is all about the customer’s life. We provide practical, versatile, durable, easy to maintain, water, and stain-resistant vinyl flooring with a good price-performance ratio. We provide you with an amazing range of vinyl flooring which is ideal for all commercial areas, living spaces, and even industrial sites. You can visit our store or get 24/7 online services when it comes to the selection of the right vinyl flooring for your space. We provide you with various types of vinyl floors at a competitive price to fulfill customers’ needs.

    Classification of vinyl flooring:

    We classify vinyl flooring types on various factors:

    • According to structure:

    We divide into further two categories when it comes to the classification of vinyl flooring according to the structure. We provide high-quality heterogeneous PVC floorings and homogeneous PVC floorings structures to our customers. The heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering has a multi-layer structure. It is designed by laminating five layers which makes it ideal for commercial, residential, and industrial spaces. On the other hand, when it comes to homogeneous PVC flooring roll structure, from top to bottom it is in the same color. It is an economic solution due to long-term life. It is ideal for industrial and high-traffic areas.

    • According to appearance:

    Another classification is based on the appearance design of the vinyl flooring. We are providing you an excellent, wide range of vinyl flooring. We offer customers inlaid vinyl flooring types and printed vinyl floorings also. The natural look of 2G click SPC flooring is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and also outdoor spaces. For making the space unique; hospitals, malls, houses, sports, and other areas install printed anti static flooring sheet coverings. Globalflor provides customers a great range of floorings when it comes to printed vinyl flooring.

    • According to types of flooring:

    Bomei Industrial Corporation Ltd. is presenting various types of vinyl flooring to our customers. We give our services to various countries of the world. We divide into sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl planks, vinyl flooring tiles, and luxury vinyl tile in the classification of the vinyl flooring according to its types.

    • According to PVC flooring installation:

    The installation of the Globalflor’s vinyl flooring is easy and we also provide our services when it comes to renewing the flooring. We further divide the PVC flooring coverings according to its installation, include:

    • PVC tile to stick
    • Clip-on PVC floor tile
    • Adhesive PVC tile
    • Lead-free vinyl floor tile.

    About US

    Globalflor, the brand of BOMEI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LTD., is managed by the overseas technicians and Taiwan leaderships. Globalflor offers a wide range of flooring products, including homogeneous, heterogeneous, tile, ESD, sports, etc.. Having been distributed to over 30 overseas countries, Globalflor is committed to sustainable development and customer health protection. We Globalflor have been looking for long-term partnership distributors to share in our constant growth!


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    100% virgin recyclable materials with considerable PVC percentage and excellent surface treatment decide superb flooring quality.