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Globalflor is firmly committed to developing sustainably and protecting customer health. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We genuinely desire our customers to know that we value and care deeply about them, anywhere, anytime.

Richard Jeng

Managing Director
Tel:+44 20 8089 8166
Email: richardjeng@bomeiflor.com

Kathy Zan

Business Development Manager
Cellphone: +86 138 1868 4942
Email: sales02@bomeiflor.com

Carina Chen

Sales Manager
Cellphone: +86 187 1793 3953
Skype: bomei_export
Email: sale01@bomeiflor.com

Jim Jeng

Customer Relationship Manager
Cellphone: +886 928 633 344
Email: jimjeng@gflors.com

Bill Liang

Technical Director
Cellphone: +86 135 2487 8182
Email: billliang@bomeiflor.com

Paul Deng

Shipping Manager
Email: shipping@bomeiflor.com