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  • Homogeneous vinyl flooring
    • Dakota Max
    • Eden
    • Eden +
    • Victoria
    • Symbol
    • Delicate
  • Heterogeneous vinyl tooring
    • Nature 1.6T
    • Nature 1.8T
    • Nature 2.0T
    • Nature 2.0T Pro
  • ESD flooring
    • Barnett T1&T2
    • Barnett S3
  • Sports flooring
    • Superflex
  • Vinyl tile
    • Times
  • Ruber-plastic flooring
    • Ultraflex
  • Wall
    • Nature 1.0T
  • Accessories

GLOBALFLOR® is owned by Shanghai Bomei Industrial Corporation Ltd, which is a Taiwan investment in China and managed by European technicians. We specializing in the production of vinyl flooring materials include homogeneous flooring, heterogeneous flooring, ESD flooring, sports flooring and different type of vinyl tiles. They have been widely used in areas such as Transport, Education, Healthcare, Commercial Buildings, Offices, Residences, Sports and other areas.

Products of high quality and fashionable, widely used in a variety of architecture, not only has the broad masses of the domestic market, but also been distributed to over 30 countries. Our advanced machineries were imported from German and Japan. At the same time, over 500 legal staffs insist on providing dedicated international standard support with assistance on logistics, dedicated packaging and quality control for global customers. Till now, our monthly capacity can achieve 6,000,000 square meters.

Globalflor flooring has an incredible cost-performance due to its benefits like environment protection and over-long useful life. Either you are buying commercial vinyl flooring sheet or residential vinyl flooring tile from Globalflor, we believe you will satisfied with its performance. Globalflor never compromises with the quality of the flooring. Our flooring system provides exceptional resistance to scuffs, scratches, indentations and stains, they are hygienic, durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and sound absorbent.

We are committed to sustainable development and customer health protection.

Proactive in seeking alternatives to phthalates as they have been the subject of scientific debate about their potential impact on human health, we have developed the use of a phthalate free plasticizer technology for our vinyl floors which is approved for medical class tools and toys intended to be placed in the mouth by children.

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